Symbolic meaning

A Japanese-style logo is the basis of a brand’s image and historical heritage. An exquisite hieroglyph-like graphic symbol indicates adherence to Asian traditions or a tie to Japan.

Fujitsu Logo
Japanese Restaurant Logo
Jaza Logo
Kimchichanga Logo

Katana Logo

What industries use?

A Japanese-style picture can be used by a translation agency, a sushi bar, a sword shop, or any other company focusing on those who love Asian culture. The logo can be used on letterheads, menu cards, corporate websites, products, business cards and promo flyers. Its use will depend on the specific character of your business.

La Chine Logo
Nikka Yuko Logo
Nomiya Logo

How to choose the right fonts?

The letters should feature a simple design, clear writing, and an accurate shape. Brush-style lettering – like Asian calligraphy – is common.

Sensei Logo
Samurai Logo
Sarku Logo
Sokouden Logo

Tojiro Logo

How to choose the right colors?

The choice of color is obvious: red. The Land of the Rising Sun has always been associated with the purplish-red tint of daybreak. In addition, black can be used.

Sushi Cube Logo
Urumaya Logo
Yutaka Logo

Logos created by Logaster

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Rakuro Logaster Logo
Akira Logaster Logo
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Chopsticks Logaster Logo
Japanese Courses Logaster Logo
Japanese Culture Logaster Logo
Matcha Japanese Tee Logaster Logo
Tofu Logaster Logo
Wagashi Logaster Logo

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