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Its easy, clean, fast and smart to use your website! Thank you!

31 May 2015

In the meantime I advised you to some friends of mine too. And everybody is wildly enthusiastic about my logo!!!

30 April 2015

Logaster helped me create an amazing logo design for my start up. What really struck me was their super customer service, they answered all my questions very fast. I can strongly recommend Logaster.

24 October 2017

LOGASTER™ - Professional online logo maker and generator

About us

About us

An all-purpose online service LOGASTER™ is your full-time designer. It will help you to create and edit:

  • logos
  • corporate identity
  • branded items

Any time you need them — 24/7. Invest just a few minutes of your time, and the task is done.



For free you can:

  • create numerous variations of logos and branded product designs.
  • share, discuss, and compare the logos that were created.
  • download a small-size logo for your website.

For the low cost you can:

  • create and edit full-size logos and branded product designs.
  • automatically draw and create new products.


  • It automatically creates your logo, you don`t need to do anything!
  • In just a few minutes, it provides multiple variations of your logo.
  • It will help you to compare and discuss the various logos.
  • It will edit each variation according to your requirements.
  • It will save all of your logos so they will be available for you to view at anytime.
  • Logaster is always there for you.

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