General information

An initials logo is the business card of every artist. A two-letter acronym designed in a single style will allow a potential customer to instantly identify the brand.

Emily Henry Logo
AC DC Logo
NBC Logo
American Airlines goup Logo

KFC Logo

How to choose the right colors?

This symbol will be printed on the company’s website, business cards, letterheads, corporate giveaways, products and promo items. Initials would preferably be placed against a one-color background to create a focus on the name instead of the picture. You may choose any colors, but do not use more than three at a time. Corporate colors will work best – those that are conventional for your trademark or brand.

BBC Logo
MMS Logo
NBA Logo

What companies use?

The shape of the icon doesn’t matter. However, be sure to place the letters in the very center for emphasis. Bright and inspiring examples are the emblems of world-known designers such as Coco Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, and Louis Vuitton.

Chanel Logo
Dolce Gabbana Logo
Louis Vuitton Logo
Gucci Logo

Logos created by Logaster

Before you start creating, you can familiarize yourself with the works of our users.

Fantraction Logaster Logo
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Chateau Bordeaux Logaster Logo
Fresh Flowers Logaster Logo
Imperial Logaster Logo
Kiwi Logaster Logo
Marshmallow Logaster Logo
LC Logaster Logo
Two Humps Logaster Logo

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