General information

A mermaid logo is an attractive sign which, like a Siren of old myths, will lure customers to your company. The picture should be simple and easy-to-understand, yet unique.

Mermaid Darts Logo
Copper Mermaid Logo
Hawaii Mermaid Logo
Healthy Mermaid Logo

South Coast Mermaids Logo

What industries use?

A logo depicting a mythical tailed beauty will suit companies that deal with water. These can include a sea carrier, a seafood restaurant, a drinking water supplier, or a book publisher. The emblem will be placed on corporate products, leaflets, ad posters, or a restaurant’s sign plate or menu card.

Mad Mermaid Logo
Mermaid Court Logo
Mermaid Kat Academy Logo

How to choose the right colors?

For the color palette, blue and green tones are best. They will evoke the right associations and allow clients to easily link the picture to the company’s business.

Starbucks Logo
Mermaid Society SMTX Logo
Oregon Mermaid Logo
Mermaid Swimwear Logo

Logos created by Logaster

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Mermaid Marine Navigator Logaster Logo
Mermaid Beach Party Logaster Logo
Mermaid Bookstore Logaster Logo
Mermaid Seafood Restaurant Logaster Logo
Mermaid Swimming Team Logaster Logo
Mermaid Swimwear Shop Logaster Logo
Mermaid Water Delivery Logaster Logo
Nymph Logaster Logo
Mermaid Logaster Logo

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