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The HBO Logo

HBO was one of the first premium cable channels, and it is still one of the most recognized in the world. HBO worked very hard to create a strong brand, and they have achieved it through both the strength of their programming, and the power of their branding.

The HBO branding is evident in the way that they’ve designed and evolved their logo. We’re going to look at some of the HBO logos that have been used over the years. By the time we’ve gone through them, we think you’ll understand why HBO is still so successful today.

Logo #1: The Original

This is the first logo that HBO ever used. This logo is much different than the ones that HBO would use later, but it communicates exactly what HBO represented at the time. It started off as a channel that showed movies exclusively. They wanted viewers to understand just by looking at the logo what the channel offered to consumers.

This version of the logo featured an image that would not be included in the future remakes. The ticket picture that follows the word “box” was sometimes used in place of the entire logo for branding purposes.

The purpose of this early logo is very clear. It was a premium option that allowed consumers to have a movie theater right in their own homes. This meaning wasn’t lost in future logos. However, the direction and purpose of the HBO channel did change, and the logo was changed several times to reflect it.

Logo #2: Less is More

The logo that followed the first one was much different from its predecessor. It was much more condensed, and focused on the abbreviation of the whole name. While the entire name still appears below, it is much smaller so the bold new HBO lettering can take the center stage.

The ticket is gone, but it has been replaced with some new clues about what the channel means. In this case, the “O” can imply several different ideas. It can appear to be the front of the movie camera so people understand that is what the channel offers. The shape can also represent a movie reel, since the channel first became popular by offering movies.

Logo #3: Improving

This HBO logo is the one that is currently in use today. It looks a lot like the previous logo, but it has several important differences. For one, the whole words “Home Box Office” no longer appear at all. They’ve been eliminated, and the letters HBO stand on their own. The “O” also no longer obstructs the letter “B” like it did in the previous edition.

One of the reasons for the removal of the “Home Box Office” lettering might be the evolution of HBO as a company. HBO is still a popular premium channel, but it no longer focuses exclusively on movies. It also produces exclusive TV shows. Now that the channel doesn’t only sell movies, the evolution of the logo may reflect that they want to keep their classic styling without letting people believe that movies is all the channel has to offer.

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    A well-designed logo for a long time holds the view that focuses on a short period of time, “causes” of the consumer to remember and associate at the head of this logo with the company. The logo is a visiting card of the company. We can observe a successful logo American cable TV companies. They can say conquered the whole world, conquered the quality of the services offered many countries.

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