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Logaster is the biggest.For money, I've been given a great look and honest recognition in the business sector.Not think about it.You can also create your own image with Logaster now..


Sản phẩm rất tốt, tôi đã sử dụng logaste để thiết kế logo cho thương hiệu website VESINHSACH.TOP của tôi!


я думала что создание логотипа займет много времени и будет стоить очень дорого, оказывается нет . Спасибо вам ребята!!


Сервис очень понравился, за час создала логотип не выходя из дома :)


Сервис очень понравился, за час создала логотип не выходя из дома :)

Rasmus Kaarre

Logaster helped me create an amazing logo design for my start up. What really struck me was their super customer service, they answered all my questions very fast. I can strongly recommend Logaster.

Lyaila Uzakova

Logaster is a very useful service, I've posted in fb and get great feedback in several KZ communities.

Eurícia Domingos

I really love the logo created, it's useful and brings the soul of my company in one image. I appreciate your services so much it was, quick and very easy to create the logo. Because you have a platform that gives all the variety existent. I will use your services, several times, and recommend to my friends. Thank You.

Donna Hall

Thanks so much I tried about 6 or 7 diff logo creation sites and yours was the fastest and best to use. Keep up the good work.

Jörgen Andersson

I'm very pleased with the logo. And how easy it was to make the logo with Logaster program. I've tried a few other logo programs but was not satisfied, but your program was simple to first find a text font I am pleased with, and later find a symbol that suited me.

Harold Nwabiani

I have created a logo with ur service and its looks good. I don't have any difficulty using any part of ur site and services. Thanks

Arjun Jayesh

The Logaster was good, it was better than any other custom logo designing services in the field. Thanks for the great service. It was very easy for making my LOGO on this application. I like such creative service like this from you guys Thank you.

Сarlsson Kobr

Actually it's fun to make my own logo I actually have fun with it . And no I don't have any difficulties with it. Thank You for letting me create my own Logo! Have a nice day!

Veronica Valladares

Your service has been outstanding and we will certainly use you going forward.


Thank you, for sure I'll use Logaster in the future and I will recommend your website. And yes, I am very satisfied with your help! ;)

Linda Breslin

Out of all the logo design websites, I have encountered, I have found Logaster by far the best with superior options.

Mark Featherstone

Thanks so much. you have a great site. It was easy to use.


I just wanna say I really like it so far so many options by far the best logo maker I have experienced so far Thanks a lot for that guys!

John Robertson

Thanks for your logo and card service, I found it quite intuitive and am pleased with the result.

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