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The UPS Logo

Started in 1907 with a $100 dollar loan, UPS was once nothing more than a small company in a dingy basement. Today however, UPS has grown to become one of the biggest parcel delivery companies in the world. Whether they are delivering Christmas packages or business supplies, the distinctive UPS trucks can be seen everywhere.

One of the factors that have helped this company attain the heights that it has is the distinctive look of their logo. Whether the logo is on their famous trucks or on a long-awaited package, it is easily recognized by millions of people. Because of this brand recognition, when someone needs to have a package delivered, they often go to UPS. Anyone who wants to create their own branding empire should consider the lessons of UPS’s past.

Logo#1-The Eagle and Shield

The very first UPS logo was created by the founder of UPS in 1916. This logo features an eagle carrying a package across a background of a bronze shield. The logo also had the words “Swift, safe and sure” as a description of their services to the side.

Logo#2 The Shield Alone

In 1937 the logo was changed to reflect the growing company. The eagle from the first logo was removed and the letters UPS, for United Parcel Services, was added to the shield. As UPS had begun to grow immensely, adding retail stores to their customer base, the slogan of the company was changed to “The Delivery System for Stores of Quality” to further reach this consumer base.

Logo#3 Shield and Package

The 3rd logo, which was introduced in 1961, featured a string-tied package above the famous UPS shield. This logo was created in order to showcase UPS’s specialty which, of course, was delivering packages.

Current logo: The Brown Shield

In 2003, UPS introduced its current logo. Gone was the bow-tied package above the shield and the shield itself was changed. The shield was given the famous brown color and the colors were updated to give it a more pleasing look both online and offline. UPS also seemed to capitalize on the plainness of their logo with the slogan “What can brown do for you?”

Why the Logo Works

Despite its simplicity, there can be no doubt that the logo is effective. The brown UPS shield can be seen all over the world and that kind of brand recognition is incredibly important for any company.

Where other companies try to create bigger and bolder logos, UPS has managed to succeed with the simplest of logos. The brown shield is incredibly distinctive and the dark colors manage to stand out in a world where brighter is usually better. This simple logo has helped propel UPS the top of the delivery world and UPS is sure to be a powerful company for many years to come.

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