Symbolic meaning

A bicycle is a symbol of the movement, so you can see its individual elements or images that symbolize speed and victory: wheels, steering wheel, lightning, wings, and medals. Often such logos contain the name of the company, which, as a rule, denotes its significant achievements and high-quality products such as Ideal, Victoria, Torpedo, Elite, etc.

Bike Victoria Logo
Elite Bicycles Logo
Ideal Bike Logo
Torpedo Logo

Shuniah Forty Miner Logo

What industries use?

Logo with a bicycle is suitable not only for manufacturers of vehicles but also for bike clubs and shops, engaged in the rental and sale of bikes, spare parts, and various accessories.

Adventure Cycle Ski Logo
Sheffield By Cycle Logo
Electra Bicycle Logo

How to choose the right colors?

The combination of colors on the logos can be very diverse. Good combo includes black with red, black with blue and green. Interesting to have black color on a white background.

Hubballi Bicycle Club Logo
Bike East Bay Logo
Ascari Logo
Goldens Bikes Logo

Shp Bicycle Logo

Major tips

Logo with the image of a bicycle or its separate elements represents a healthy and active way of life. It is suitable for those who want to confidently conduct their business, taking care of health and being in harmony with the world around us.

State Bicycle Co Logo
Decobike Logo
West La Cycling Club Logo

Logos created by Logaster

Before you start creating, you can familiarize yourself with the works of our users.

Bike Trip Logaster Logo
Bikes Logaster Logo
City Tour Logaster Logo
Fitness Logaster Logo
Gravity Logaster Logo
Just Ride Logaster Logo
Cycling Logaster Logo
Mountain Trail Logaster Logo
Little Bike Logaster Logo

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