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Like any business, factories and plants need logos too! Industrial logo is an essential detail that turns your branding into a flawlessly operating mechanism. Read on to find out how to craft a clever industrial emblem that will promote your business and enhance your public image.

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What companies use?

On the General Electric logo desgn, you can see letters G and E inside a beautifully decorated circle frame. The major chemical corporation BASF chose a text-based emblem with two square elements symbolizing the company's scientific potential and partnership. For its corporate sign, ArcelorMittal relies on abstraction. The Boeing emblem showcases the company’s unparalleled innovations which are widely used in aircraft building around the world.

General Electric Logo
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How to choose the right elements?

When crafting a logo for an industrial facility, you can use a myriad of mechanisms and devices, such as gears, bearings, wrenches, machine tools, smoking pipes, factories, and the like. The selection of icons is truly stunning! Also, it’s a good idea to use products that you’re manufacturing, e.g. tractor, bike, umbrella, fabrics, etc. Geometric shapes symbolizing new technologies and reliability are also a way to go. Most industry companies gravitate towards reserved shades of blue and grey. A black and red palette is also a good option. Consider using the colors related to your products. For example, a furniture factory can explore the hues imitating wooden textures.

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