How to choose the right elements?

Public and private labs, detective agencies, law enforcement bodies, and security services need smart emblems to represent them and emphasize the importance of their work. The most common images on such logos are scales, the goddess Themis, magnifying glasses, fingerprints, guard dogs, hawks, targets, books, guns, and handcuffs.

Crime Report Logo
Crime Club  Logo
Criminology Logo
Criminology Justice Logo

Crime Stoppers Logo

Where can you use a logo like this?

Once you’ve crafted your own emblem, you can use it on documents, signboards, and employee uniforms.If you have a slogan, you can position it along the inner edge of your icon. Employ massive fonts to catch and retain your audience’s attention.

Criminology Logo
Fortuno Logo
Institute Of Criminology Logo

How to choose the right colors?

When it comes to choosing a logo shape, focus on circles or shields. Investigation is a serious business, so avoid saturated colors. Consider using dark blue, black, brown, and red. Save brighter colors for the name of your company or agency.

Ed Prevost Logo
Crime And Investigation Logo
Jensen Logo
Private Investigator Logo

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