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Nowadays, vampires are perceived differently than a hundred or so years ago. People are no longer afraid of these mysterious creatures, mostly thanks to popular movies and books. Popular culture has turned a vampire into funny character which is no longer scary and dangerous. Vampire-themed logos and mascots are widely used by video game developers, in film and music industry, and for children’s events.

Mona The Vampire Logo
Buffy Vampire Slayer Logo
Mono Vampire Logo
The Vampire Diaries Logo

Vampire Knight Logo

What brands use a vampire logo

Most vampire-themed logos are text-based. For example, a stunning logotype for Vampire The Masquerade, a well-known board role-playing game, boasts a unique, memorable font. The emblems the Vampire Knight animated series also relies on typography for recognition. The Vampire Hockey company, which sales hockey equipment, enhanced its logo with a striking image of a bat.

Vampire The Masquerade Logo
Vampire Hockey Logo
Vampire Gaming Logo

What images to choose

Common elements that evoke quick associations with the vampire theme are fangs, bat, and moon. Vampires are depicted as mysterious creatures with a thin frame, pale skin, sunken cheeks, and insane eyes. They’re elegantly dressed. Plus, they wear a long cloak. Vampire emblems often have the amazing Pseudio-Gothic typography that you won’t see anywhere else.

Bas Vampire Logo
Vampire Buffet Slayer Logo
Vampire King Logo
Vampire Requiem Logo

Gracula Logo

What colors to choose

The best color scheme for a vampire logo is a combination of black, white, and red. For brands, it’s a smart way to draw attention to their unique visual style and out-of-the-box approach. If the traditional dark-colored palette doesn’t sit well with you, go for cheerful shades, such as yellow, green, purple, etc. This solution works well for children’s brands who want their vampire mascots to look kind and friendly.

Vampire Accelerators Logo
Vampire Logo
Vampire Never Say Die Logo

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Night Hunter Logaster logo
Blood Hunter Logaster logo
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Bloody Graph Logaster logo
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Transylvania Logaster logo

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