Symbolic meaning

Logo with strawberry image is interesting, eye-catching and a little daring on one hand. On the other hand, this berry is associated with childhood, sweetness and pleasures. This is what makes the range of application of this image so wide.

Cottle Strawberry Logo
Stawberrymilk Logo
Stawberrysweet Logo
Shoko Logo

Strawberry Property Management Logo

What industries use?

It can be used by a specialized company growing berries, a confectionery, a childcare center, a toy store, a lingerie boutique or any other trading mark.Excellent examples of strawberry image application are logos of Star Berry, Strawberry Property, Strawberry Fields, and Strawberry Festival.

Star Berry Logo
Box Si Logo
California Strawberry Logo

How to choose the right elements?

If the logo will be used for food products, it is better to use a realistic image. For a brand of accessories, swimsuits or clothes a graphic image (e.g. consisting of triangles) will be more suitable. When using a strawberry image for a learning center or a café, you can choose a schematic roundish variant with bright spots.

Strawberry Shortcake Logo
Strawberry Dream Logo
Strawberry Property Logo
Strawberry Fest Logo

Strawberry Sports Logo

How to choose the right colors?

The color scheme for this image is obvious - it should be red or pink. To create the most memorable logo, you can combine both bright colors.

Strawberry Kouture Logo
Strawberry Mansion Logo
Strawberry Seo Logo

Logos created by Logaster

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Delicious Logaster Logo
Enjoyment Logaster Logo
Juicy Rain Logaster Logo
Juicy Strawberry Logaster Logo
Sweet Meeting Logaster Logo
Strawberry Jewerely Logaster Logo
Strawberry Shop Logaster Logo
Chocolate Strawberry Logaster Logo
Sweet Like Candy Logaster Logo

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