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Love and nature and responsible consumption of natural resources is more than just an overnight trend. It’s new way of living. What is the best way to visually express your eco-friendliness? Consider using the images of grass, plants, and leaves. Concise and simple, these visuals will create the right associations and send a clear message to your audience. Grass emblems are used across a variety of industries, from furniture production to education.

Amazing Grass Logo
All Seasons Logo
Blades Grass Logo
Champion Grass Logo

Grass Pad Logo

What brands use a grass logo

Look at the amazing emblem used by the Grass Pad brand. On it, the company name is placed on a neat green lawn. On the Grass Concrete logo, you can see several stems growing out of a surface that resembles a lawn. The image of stems are also used by the marketing agency Grass Roots Media. The Grass to Food brand came up with an interesting and intricate logo with lavish grass blades. Grass Roots Academic Support uses green waves as an abstract symbol for grass.

Grass Concrete Logo
Grass Roots Media Logo
Grass Roots Academic Support Logo

What images to choose

When creating a grass emblem, you can use a plethora of images, such as sprouts, straight stems, lawn, forest, etc. Feel free to use abstract drawings as long as they are recognizable enough to evoke the right associations. In combination marks, grass-related images are often added to blank spaces in between or inside letters (e.g., inside letter “O”) or even instead of letters.

Liberty Greens Logo
Dublin Grass Logo
Easygrass Logo
Grassroots Outdoor Alliacnce Logo

Plushgrass Logo

What colors to choose

In a grass logo, color is of paramount importance. Most of the time, companies stick with shades of green. Try different levels of saturation. If your logo contains many details and can be easily recognized in any color, feel free to play around with shades. Another “excuse” for experimentation is the word “grass” in your company name. In this case, you can deviate from the traditional green and explore other hues.

JR Grass Logo
Muller Lawncare Logo
Perth Artificial Grass Logo

Logos created by Logaster

Before you start creating, you can familiarize yourself with the works of our users.

Earth Logaster logo
Eco Tech Logaster logo
Field of Dreams Logaster logo
Nature Purity Logaster logo
Grass Base Logaster logo
Grass Field Logaster logo
Green Mark Logaster logo
Green Meadow Logaster logo
Nature Hub Logaster logo

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