Symbolic meaning

One of the oldest sea creatures on the planet, a shark symbolizes strength, speed, aggression, and cruelty. On the other side, though, this blood-chilling fish has become a synonym for elegance and wits.

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Major tips

ТA shark is not a common guest on corporate logos. It’s not surprising that businessmen steer clear of this mascot! Due to its connotations, the image of a predator may undermine trust between business partners and cause doubt. Luckily, there are some exceptions. If you are running a marketing agency that uses aggressive promotional techniques, there is no better icon for your emblem than a monstrous shark! When placed on sports clothing, a sea predator stands for stamina and high competitive spirit. Also it feels comfortable in the military world, the Navy in particular.

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How to choose the right elements?

Free and wild, a shark appreciates space. The predator’s element is water, so it might be a good idea to imitate waves by using curved lines, zigzags, and swirls. Avoid straight lines, squares, and rectangles. As for additional graphics, anything sea-related will do (waves, foam, island, etc.).If you’re adamant about placing a shark on your logo design, your color choices are few. Try combinations of black, white, green, and shades of blue. Avoid the mistake of painting your emblem red (or any other warm shade, for that matter) unless you want to create instant associations with blood and death.

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What companies use?

Paul & Shark, a leading sportswear business, is probably the most famous brand that has crafted a truly stunning logo featuring a shark. The dangerous predator has also transformed the brand identity of Wilmington Sharks, New York Sharks, Hawaii Makos, and other sports teams.

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