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The image of a panda is used by multiple brands across the globe. Why? First of all, a cuddly bear is a cute and harmless animal that loves to communicate with humans. There is another reason that makes this cute bear a popular mascot among established companies. Sounding great in any language, the word “panda” makes for a memorable brand name.

Panda Life Logo
Fancy Panda Design Logo
Japan Panda Logo
Panda Logo

WWF Logo

What industries use?

Black and white bear is a good choice for wildlife organizations and environmental projects. We can’t help bringing up the iconic WWF logo. This creative idea has been copied by many designers, with a panda replaced by other animals. What industries are using the fluffy bear? A panda will be a great choice for an authentic Asian restaurant or a travel agency specializing in Asian tours. If you’re running a martial arts school for kids, be sure to use the funny Kung Fu Panda, a famous cartoon character.

Kung Fu Panda Logo
Qpad Red Pandas Logo
Panda Logo

What companies use?

QPAD Red Pandas, a popular Dota team, is using an aggressively-looking bear to intimidate their rivals. Panda Antivirus has visualized a panda’s face through a blue round ring and added funny ears to it. PandaWill, a Chinese electronics store, also uses a panda’s face and footprint.

Panda Will Logo
Panda Anti Virus Logo
Panda Express Logo
Panda Global Logo

Tur Panda Logo

How to choose the right colors?

As far as a panda logo is concerned, you don’t have to restrict your artistic choice to a black and white palette. Feel free to use an entire spectrum of colors, including red, green, and blue. As for the icon, you can either depict an entire animal or just its head (and don’t forget the easily recognizable ears!).

Pan De Panda Logo
Panda Hookah Logo
Panda Baby Logo

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