Symbolic meaning

Depending on the context, the image of a horse is associated with wisdom, light, dynamics, shrewdness, and a quick pace of time. Also, a stallion makes us think about fertility, masculinity, and power.

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What industries use?

If you see a logo with a horse, chances are that the business has to do with sports (race cars, uniform, accessories, etc.). If you want to convey speed and freedom, you can’t do better than a mustang, the classic free-roaming horse of the American West. Some liquor brands chose a stallion to emphasize high quality, stellar customer service, and adherence to traditions. If brainwork plays a big role in your business, placing a horse head on your logo will be a brilliant idea.

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How to choose the right elements?

A horse is a freedom-loving animal. Pair your mascot with smooth and curvy lines. This is where you can use the image of Pegasus, the mythical flying horse with wings. Stay away from acute angles unless you want to create a confusing composition. When it comes to geometry, try to strike the golden mean between the visual appeal and meaning behind geometric shapes.A horse gives you a great opportunity to play with color. If you’re in sports business, focus on red, yellow, and orange. If your main asset is intellect and wits, light blue, dark blue, and violet will communicate your brand message just fine. If you’re a premium spirits brand wanting to stress its advantages, your choice is black, golden or silver.

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What companies use?

The most famous horse-themed brands that come to mind include Ferrari, Ralph Lauren, Burberry and, of course, White Horse.

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