Symbolic meaning

The dove is one of the oldest symbols in the culture of mankind. It is associated with peace and the beginning of a new life, as well as messages of love, ease, and freedom. The bird symbolizes purity of the soul, openness, and hope. The dove logo is chosen by charitable and social organizations, medical centers, manufacturers of beauty and health products, and religious institutions. It will suit brands that want to achieve customers’ warm and good associations with the company.

Peace Dove Logo
Black Dove Designs Logo
Bulletproof Logo
Dove Chocolate Logo

Dove Logo

Who uses it?

The famed logo “Dove of Peace” was created for the World Peace Council after the Second World War. For this event, Pablo Picasso painted a bird carrying an olive branch. The cosmetic brand Dove has a modern logo with the silhouette of a dove on it. The Presbyterian Church also has a drawing of a flying dove encrypted in its famous logo. The silhouette of a flying dove is depicted on the Dove Healthcare logo. The symbol of the Dove Nest Group, a company specializing in staff training, resembles a bird made of paper (in the style of origami).

Presbyterian Church Logo
Dove Healthcare Logo
Dove Nest Group Logo

Which elements to choose?

A dove logo is primarily a picture of a bird: flying, carrying something, or sitting. Depending on the concept and semantic meaning, you can schematically depict the silhouette of a dove or use a detailed drawing or logo, as close as possible to the real image. The combination of a symbol and a text logo is allowed. In this case, symbolism and abstraction can be enhanced: For example, use only the pattern of the bird’s wings. A feather can also be depicted in the logo. However, it is appropriate if the name of the company contains the word “dove.”

Dove Project Logo
Dove Medical Logo
Dove Television Logo
Gifts Of Hope Logo

Dove Channel Logo

General recommendations

The color scheme of the dove logo depends on the brand style. If you analyze the logos with this bird, you will see that most of them depict white or fair doves. This color scheme enhances the positive perception of the picture. The mood of the logo depends on the position of the depicted bird. For example, a flying dove is associated with determination. A bird hugging something with its wings symbolizes protection. The current trend is logo simplification, so minimalistic images with one or two colors or gradients are relevant.

Urban Dove Logo
White Dove Logo
Worlddove Logo

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