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The Target Logo

Founded in 1903 as a tiny retail store in Minneapolis, the Target Company and brand has grown immensely. Now a high-ranking member of the esteemed Fortune 500, Target has locations around the world. Formally selling only clothes and limited groceries, Target has grown to become a massive retail chain touting itself as a one-stop shop. From brand-name clothes and shoes to the latest electronics, Target stocks it all. Their growth has remained constant for many years now and shows no sign of slowing down now.

One of the main factors that has helped Target to attain the success it has is the distinctiveness of their logo. Studies have shown that well over 90% of the United States population can identify the iconic logo of the Target Company on sight. This kind of brand recognition is vital for a company’s growth and success and anyone who seeks to create a brand of their own should consider the history of the famous target.

1st Logo-The First Target

The very first logo of the Target Company, formed in 1962 was, but of course, a target symbol. The logo shows the faded red rings around a circle, the exact same as the target on a dartboard. Across the entirety of the logo is the “Target” name in bold black font. This logo, besides being a shout out to the company name, was also meant to attract customers with its contrasting colors creating a distinctive image in their customers’ minds.

Logo#2-A Little Color

The next logo of the Target Company was introduced in 1980. This logo, which was in service for over 20 years, featured a new design and different colors. Instead of the larger target of the previous generation, this logo featured only a single ring and a circular core. The colors of this new logo are also much more vibrant, making the sign more easily seen from the roadside. The Target name itself has been moved to the right as opposed to being right on top of the symbol.

Current Logo

The current logo of Target, which was introduced in 2006, hasn’t changed much from its roots. It too displays the target icon and the name but in a very different and important way. In the current logo, the target symbol is actually bigger than the “Target” name. This is because Target has been so successful at marketing their brand that they feel they can market the symbol itself as opposed to the name. They no longer need to work so hard to ensure that people know where to shop because, just by seeing the symbol, they know it stands for the Target Company.

Why the Logo Works

Target has massive brand-name recognition as well as a top spot in the Fortune 500. It’s obvious that the logo works but the question is why. One popular theory is that the Target Company has dedicated itself to the brand. The logo itself brings up an instantly recognizable image of the company and, coupled with Target years of service, this is a difficult combo to beat.

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