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Create your logo in any language with Logaster

With Logaster is always possible to create a logo with supporting the most popular symbols in any language. You can use any version of the site (, or and text will be displayed correctly.
Everyone can create a logo using:
– Latin (English);
– Latin Extended (Á, Ĝ, Ġ, Š, Č, Ú, Ý, Ø, Ý and other characters);
– Cyrillic (Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Belarusian and other languages);
– Japanese characters.

The process of creating the logo is identical in any language:
1. Press “Create a logo.

2. Type the name of the company, for example, Cásé. Then select the type of activity and if you need to add a slogan.

3. Select one of the dozens generated beautiful logos.

4. Edit the selected logo if you need. It is possible to change text, font, color and icon and add a slogan.

5. Download the logo. Small logos are available for free. Full-length and vector logos can be downloaded after a small payment.

Logaster allows to create optimized versions of logos for social networking, business cards, as well as corporate letterhead with created logo.

Do you have questions? Please ask us.

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