Top Modern Letter Styles in Alphabet Logo Designs for Inspiration

Beauty is in simplicity! Try to recall some of the world’s most famous logo designs, the back of your mind will tell you – they are very simple. In fact, they just consist of the initials of the brand’s founder, or of the first letter of the company’s name.

We have prepared for you a digest of letter design logos. It proves that a simple initial logo concept can be a recognizable and strong part of the brand.

  1. Initial Logo design inspiration – Let`s start
  2. How to Create Initials Logo Design in Illustrator – Two-Letter Logo
  3. How to create an initial Logo with Logaster?

Initial Logo design inspiration – Let`s start

Letter A Logos

A / Apex Press logo design by Steve Wolf
A/ A by Nick Matej
A/ A by Kakha Kakhadzen

Letter C Logos

С / C + Parrot by Nour Oumousse
С / C icon by TIE A TIE by Aiste
С / C fork by Bagas Ardiatma

Letter E logos

E/ E by Chris Koelsch
E/ Letter E by Tuomo Korhonen
E/ 90/100: Letter E for Escalera

Letter F logos

F / Food Network Logo by Boris Vasiljevic
F / F for 36daysoftype by Andrius Tamošaitis
F / Fintactica – f shape by studio&more

Letter G logos

G / g by Kakha Kakhadzen
G / g + Beard by Samadara Ginige
G / Grabient by unfold logo concept by Vadim Carazan

Letter I logos

I/ important – i letter – WIP by Kliment Kalchev
I/ I by Chris Koelsch
I/ Letter I by Tuomo Korhonen

Letter J logos

J/ ‘J’by Jeffrey Herrera
J/ J Animation by Colby Walls
J/ JM Monogram by Edwin Carl Capalla

Letter L logos

L/ L Mark by vaibhav Jadhav
L/ L for 36daysoftype by Andrius Tamošaitis
L/ Type L by Willy Hangard

Letter M logos

M/ M Heart by Dimitrije Mikovic
M/ Letter M by Vlad GR
M/ Logo M fun minimal by monome

Letter N logos

N/ Nula Logo Design by Hristijan Eftimov
N/ NH ! by Nour Oumousse
N/ Nailit Logo by Oleg Coada

Letter P logos

P/ 36daysoftype P by Jacek Janiczak
P/ P + Toucan Mark by Ryan Prudhomme
P/ PAINT 36 Days of Type by Mat Voyce

Letter R logos

R/ Engineering & Art by Chase Turberville
R/ R by Lazar Bogicevic
R/ R – Architecture by Andrei Traista

Letter S logos

S/ letter S by Yuri Kartashev
S/ S – Development Factory by Ronan Fourreau
S/ Letter “S” Monogram by Alejandro Vinasco

Letter T logos

T/ T Logo by Acen
T/ T by David Mas
T/ T by Myrto Giotakou Myrto Giotakou

Letter X logos

X/ 36 Days of Type – X by Nick Matej
X/ Target X by Vladimir Niy
X/ X from XXX by Xavi Ramiro

How to Create Initials Logo Design in Illustrator – Two-Letter Logo

One of the best ways to learn something – is to do it by yourself! Launch your graphics editor, turn on the video and create!

How to create an initial Logo with Logaster?

There is nothing easier than: enter the company name in the field below (at least 3 characters), choose a company color and scope your industry, choose the perfect logo (if it is not perfect enough – we have the editing function), and download it in the vector (SVG, PDF), or raster (PNG, JPEG) formats.

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