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How to download and edit products for branding on social networks

If you have already created a logo on the Logaster website and now you need some help with the design and uploading of files for social media, this guide is for you.


  1. What does the social network’s plan include?
  2. How to edit products for branding?
  3. How to download products for social networks?

What does the social network’s plan include?

A kit for social networks design includes 21 files in PNG format for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, VK and LinkedIn:

  • files optimized for popular social networks;
  • images for a profile, covers, accounts, group pages etc;
  • a possibility of free editing after payment.

Note that only users who have purchased the plan “M” can download the full set for branding. If you have not purchased this plan, please read the following instructions:

1. “How to make a payment and download the products created with Logaster?”.

2. or “How to change your payment plan on the Logaster website”.

How to edit products for social networks?

1. Log in to your account on the Logaster website and select the logo on the brand’s page.

social media branding Logaster


2. To get the opportunity to return to the original appearance of the brand, we recommend that you duplicate its design before making any changes. In this case, if you do not like the new design, you will always have a copy of the previous version.

branding on Facebook Logaster

3. On the logo page, click the “Edit” button.

branding on Twitter Logaster

4. To change the background color, icon (its shape), or text in the category “Social media kit” on the left menu select: “Colors” → “All backgrounds”→”Logo on the corporate color background”.

edit social media colors logaster

5. Edit the color of the icon (its shape) by clicking on the “Shape” button and selecting the desired color.

edit logo color for linkedin logaster

6. Since different variations of logos are used for social networks when editing the slogan’s color for images that include “Vertical logo with the slogan” and “Simplified logo with the slogan”, changes will be made to the following:

  • YouTube channel cover (mobile screen);
  • YouTube channel cover;
  • YouTube channel cover for TV;
  • Instagram profile preview picture;
  • An image for Instagram posts;
  • Twitter cover image;
  • A kit for VK branding;

create a brand cover for twitter on Logaster

7. To edit the slogan on the images with a horizontal logo, click on the color icon next to the slogan and select the color that you want. Changes will also be made to the logo design on the corporate background.

edit clogan color on Logaster

8. Color changes made to the logo name, monogram and shape are applied to all social media images without exception.

edit monogram color on Logaster

9. To change the background color, on the section “Colors” select a color that you like. Changes will be made to all products that use the corporate background. Now, save the changes.

edit brand color on Logaster

10. To edit the layout of each image for social networks separately, go to the “Social media kit” page and click on the logo that needs to be edited.

11. In the lower right corner of the image, click on “Edit” (pencil).

12. Here you can change the design (as part of a combination of your brand’s corporate colors). To do this, simply select “Layout” and the design you like.

13. To add a new text, simply click on the “Text” tab and add the necessary information in the appropriate field. Now it will appear on your image.

14. You can also change the layout of the logo that is used in your image by going to the “Logo” section and choosing the one that is best suited for the image design of your social networks.

15. Do not forget to save the changes by clicking “Save”.


How to download products?

1. To go to the social network’s design, on the left sidebar, click on the category “Social Media Kit”.

design Social Media Kit
2. Select the image that you want to download.

download Social Media Kit
3. Then, click “Download logo, PNG”. The image will begin downloading to your computer automatically.

Download logo, PNG

If you have any further questions, please contact us by e-mail:

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