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What is the font on my logo?

We have detailed instructions on how to find out, which font is used in the logo created with Logaster.

  1. What font is used in my logo in the new version of the site?
  2. What font is used in my logo in the older version of the site?

What font is used in my logo in the newer version of the site?

1. Initialize to the Logaster by clicking “Sign In” in the upper right corner of the Website, or by clicking here.

Login Log Page on Logaster

2. After authorization, you will automatically get to the page of created brands. Select the logo and click “Go to logo page”.

Logaster Brands Created Page

3. Click “Edit” (green pencil) and go to “Fonts”.

Go To The Logaster Editing Section

4. Here you can see all the fonts that are used in your logo: the font of the monogram, your company name, and slogan.

Choosing the Logaster Font Section

Do you need to change the font in your logo? Read the article on how to do it by clicking on the link:

What font is used in my logo in the older version of the site?

It is very simple to find out what kind of font is used in the logo generated by Logaster.

1. Sign into your personal Logaster`s account.img_219
2. Select the logo.img_221
3. Press the “Duplicate and edit” button.img_222
4. Editing page will open. Click on logo’s text and on the right the field with font’s name will be displayed. In this case, the font’s name is Comfortaa. img_223
5. You can close the page without saving the changes.

You can use the font which is used on your logo for creating business cards, envelopes, blanks.

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  1. Marco

    Thank you for the useful article. I want to download the font that is used in my logo.

  2. Steven

    Can I upload my font in logo creation wizard?

    • Goran

      No, you can use only basic logaster fonts. But it’s more than enough for logo creation.

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