Designing a Logo: Understanding the Basics

A logo is the visual representation of a company, group, organization, or entity. It is usually the first thing that people encounter so it is important that your logo makes a great first impression, helping you establish the kind of brand identity you want. Since a logo is very important, you have to spend ample time with the design logo process. Keep in mind that a logo is there to inspire trust, admiration, and recognition for your brand. It is not just a mark that is associated with you.

What makes an effective logo?

There are different principles that guide the design logo process so you can come up with an effective logo. In Designing a Logo, take care to:

  • Make it simple. The simpler a logo is, the easier it is to recognize and remember. It is fine to go for something unique or unexpected but it must never be overdrawn.
  • Make it memorable. When a logo is simple, it’s so much easier to make it memorable. And one of the ways by which you can make your logo memorable is by making it appropriate. You can make a logo appropriate by sticking to themes that would be suitable for your brand.
  • Make it timeless. Your logo represents the very core of your brand, your identity. Your identity will root your brand so it could stand the test of time. The same should be true for your logo as well. No matter how many years may have passed, it has to be able to stay relevant in order to keep up with your brand.

Learn from others

Many others before you have dabbled in the design logo process. And as with anything, there is merit in learning from the successes and mistakes of others. This way, you can do away with a certain level of trial and error and just jump right into what has been proven to work. This isn’t to mean that you’ll be copying off others’ works but rather you will be drawing inspiration from them. There are collections of both good and bad logos online so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to find them.

Your design process

Understand now what makes an effective logo? You can now get started with making your own logo! Making your own logo is exciting but it can also be difficult because you have to apply now what you’ve learned and understood. While the design logo process more or less follows the same principles, the outline of a process may vary. Typically though, it will contain: the design brief; brainstorming and research; sketching; prototyping; reviews; and revisions. After which you should be ready with a logo.

Getting some help

Even when you have a lot of experience making logos, there will be times that you will be stumped in the middle of the design logo process. This can be very frustrating but fortunately we’ve created a logo maker software you can take advantage of that will allow you to play around to help you find a way to complete your logo. Aside from helping you out of a rut, using this software generally make logo-making easier and faster so you can get the job done sooner.

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  1. Helen

    A logo is face any company . After all, as properly noticed in the article , logo makes a great first impression ! my company did logo for a long time . it is quite a complicated process ! But it turned is memorable ! In my opinion, any company must have an original logo ! Your company logo should attract attention !

  2. mona

    I agree that logos play great role because they influence our first impression about some company, thus being a very significant part of image. Therefore selecting a logo is a very important and responsible process that takes time and work. Original distinctive logo can contribute a lot to overall success of any company.

  3. Galina

    I want to design logo myself. I am an artist and I like to paint pictures. I chose to design a logo word Art. I love this logo. I think this logo characterizes my profession because the word Art has a direct relationship to the paintings and the artists. Now I’m thinking what does color to choose for my logo – blue or green?

  4. Wendy

    I guess the hardest part is that of making the logo simple, and actually
    the simplest things are easier to remember. That’s the way our brain
    works! At the same time most designers wish to create something absolutely new even when the idea seems to be rather complicated. So the moto is – work with ease.

  5. Rensik

    I think, that logo has to come from heart. You are to feel, what kind of logo suits to this Company. And I`m sure, that logo maker programs can only help You to create something extraordinary. Only help. It can give You some new ideas.

    But I don`t believe, that even the best logo maker program can give You the complete result.

    Nevertheless such program can be useful.

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